We have decided to put Cataract to rest, immediately, now

"It's been the hardest decision all of us ever had to make. We had so many plans, but we had to face that we're entangled in our lives and following
other priorities more than we were ready to admit to ourselves. Yes, we've been planing stuff and jamming for our next release, we played some
fantastic shows after fedi's return and had a bunch of shows lined up, but... nothing new, nothing creative happened, for almost 2 years.
We feel exhausted and dried out, both as musicians and as artists."

"In respect to ourselves we've pulled the plug before the passion for this music is gone and we're just doing it because we have to.
We won't be playing a final show, and we're canceling the ones we've agreed to. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,
but we hope you can respect our decision to end 15 years of dedication the way we feel is right."
We want to thank you all for your support. Until we meet again.

Cataract - Nico, Greg, Tom, Fedi and Ricky


Switzerland's metal/hardcore powerhouse ready to strike

2008 marks the band's tenth year of existence, it will also be the year in which Cataract will release their highly anticipated and self titled fifth full length album.

Since 1998, Cataract have been evolving from a project band into one of Switzerland's premiere metal outfits and one of Europe's constant parameters in the modern thrash and metalcore genre. Formed out of the ashes of Mine, Damage I.D. and Cease, the band's primary aim was to blend brutal mosh and ferocious thrash into a new shape. What started off as a new metallic breeze to the hardcore scene quickly turned into a storm when the first recordings were released. After several releases on various Labels such as Ferret Records in the USA and LifeForce Rec in Germany, Cataract caught the attention of Metal Blade records and ultimately was signed to their rooster in 2004.

Ever since their formation Cataract have been working hard locked in sticky rehearsal rooms and burning down stages all over the world to promote their unique style with hundreds of club shows, several tours such as the Hell On Earth and No Mercy packages, various small tours throughout Europe and the USA and countless Festival appearances including Germany's With Full Force, Wacken, Summer Breeze and Rock Hard Open Airs, Greenfield (Switzerland's biggest Rock Open Air), Belgium's Dour Fest, the American and French HellFest, the Czech Brutal Assault fest et cetera, et cetera...

The past time has brought a lot of changes for the band. A new guitar player and a new bass player were added, a whole new album was written and still they were out on Europe's stages to kick some serious ass. The band's new formation has added a lot of fresh blood and creativity to the sound and the best prove will be the new album scheduled for march/april 2008. This self titled fifth release is by far their most progressive to date, showing a lot more variety by adding a lot of brutality and speed but also more melody and heaviness.

Cataract will be promoting their massive new release with tons of shows and various tours all over the world! Be prepared for a mighty blow!