There are three bands with the name Constraint:
1) Fast ugly hardcore from Philladelphia, Pennsylvania formed in 2014.
2) Hardcore punk band Constraint from Hannover (active in the late 90s)
3) Punk band Constraint from the UK (active between 2003-2005)
4) Symphonic Metal band from Italy (active 2011-present)
5) Hardcore band from Louisville, KY

1) Constraint are a noise/grind/punk band from Philadelphia, PA.
Derek L. // Guitar
Chandler A. // Vocals
Ralph F. // Drums, Vocals

2) Sometimes focusing on daily life instead of working on a career with grim stubbornness turns out to be a healthier approach towards creating music, as it adds a purposeful flow to a mundane ritual. Constraint are a band that prove that there is something to be said for an idealist and the every-day thinker. This new school four-piece from Hannover never felt the need to rush things in their fresh musical careers, but somehow they have managed to release a MCD, the Breath 7", and their first full-length album, Changes, since the band's formation in April 1995. A year into their existence they recorded their first demo Soulgrind, which was later discovered by the German underground label Life Force Records in the summer of the same year. The debut MCD, Twelveeighteen, which was recorded in November of 1996 and released in March of 1997, established Constraint as new members of the growing European hardcore scene. The Breath 7" continued to strengthen their early reputation, and the band was soon after ready to sign to Kingfisher Records in summer 1998. Changes, (actually titled ... What We Are Is What We Do And What We Do Always Changes) was recorded in their hometown of Hannover at the Institut fr Wohlklangforschung studios with producer Willy Dammeier, who is known for his work on the Words vs. Nothing release from Veil. Although playing an entire tour is something Constraint would still like to accomplish (conquering new shores and territories also is a current goal for the band) the band can feel good when looking back on their numerous gigs with the likes of Hot Water Music, Turmoil, Integrity, Earth Crisis, Rykers, Fury Of Five, Ignite, By The Grace Of God and many others.

5) Louisville's Constraint is a hardcore band that shares members with Inclination, Gates 2 Hell and have released several records on LDB Records -

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