Voice Of Ruin

Nothing is more boring than writing the bio of a band existing only since 2008. What can be said of these past five years? That we played for free in front of ten people in a squat infested with rats? That we went to see the latest Lady Gaga concert and then masturbated in the toilets during intermission? We could of course talk about our first album that came out in 2011. Say that it was recorded by Sam Albert (Nostromo) in six days, then mixed by Drop (Sybreed) and finally mastered by Naiche Barbaglia at California Studio (Greta Gratos, Sybreed, Zeni Geva...). We could even shout that we played around 100 shows and shared the stage with renowned metal acts such as Entombed, Caliban, Textures, Tankard, Sylosis, God Dethroned, Benighted, Sybreed, Do Or Die, In-Quest and The Arrs.

But let's be frank, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. The public only cares about sex and money. And it's for this reason that VOICE OF RUIN is brutal and sexual, and that we band members enjoy drinking beer. That's knowing how to sell yourself and when you sell, you make dough and with that dough you get more beer, bitches and drugs.

Angekündigte Events

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2023
Usine à Gaz Nyon