Convulsif is a collective and band which originated in the year 2014 from the project Convulsif Bigband, initiated by the bass player Loïc Grobéty. The quartet focuses to an enriched tension between composition and improvisation in powerful sounds and experiments at the limits of styles and musical languages. With its special and outstanding instrumentation – a classic rhythm section with Loïc Grobéty on bass & Maxime Hänsenberger on drums and a heavy amplified, treated violin & bass clarinet, played by Jamasp Jhabvala respectively Christian Müller – the band goes deep in the sound of the actual rock scene and mix different tendencies to a new unknown conglomerate: Doom, Drone, Black Metal and Noise are played with the means of conceptual improvisation and imposed themes. All colored by a very uncommon instrumentation.


Jamasp Jhabvala - violin & electronics
Christian Müller - bass clarinet & electronics
Loïc Grobéty - bass


Gründungsjahr: 2014

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