Wormed is a Sci-Fi Death Metal band from Madrid, Spain. Wormed was formed in 1998, in the beginning, the first line-up was : J.Oliver (guitar), Dani (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) Andy C. (drums). After a few months the band contact with Phlegeton the official vocalist of WORMED. Phlegeton gives fresh air to the band transforming the band concept from the classical gore to another concept, based in the outer space far from imagination. The music turned into an atypical Brutal Death full of diverse influences.

In December of 1999, the first MCD demo was recorded "Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome", with the collaboration of Tana (Avulsed) as Sound Engineer. This MCD was well received in the underground scene, selling more than 1000 copies all over the world. There are actually 3 different editions of the MCD, with different CD design.

In 2001, the band returned to the studio to record the Promo-CD "Voxel Mitosis", including a single song, because of the lack of money and resources. Despite this, the sound was more professional than on the MCD. After the recording of the promo-CD, Dani left WORMED, because of the lack of compromise with the band. WORMED became a 4 member band being: Phlegeton (vocals) , J. Oliver (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) and Andy C. (drums) The band received recognition playing in some festivals and concerts outside of Madrid, giving the band a name in the local and international scene, with a great response of the audience.

In December of 2003 J.Oliver left the band, because of a lack of interest in playing outside Spain, so Wormed began to look for a replacement to J. Oliver. They searched for 2 months, until they found Charly, a guitar player from Wormineye, a Death Metal band from Valencia.

After that J.Oliver returned to the band completing the formation for composing new Wormed material.

In 2008 Migueloud (Human Mincer, Body on Sections) joined the band because Charly decided to return to Valencia.

After a period of inactivity they released a two-track single in 2010, "Quasineutrality", and in 2013 they will release their second album "Exodromos" on Willowtip Records.

They are also dealing with other bands, as founders Phlegeton (Vocals),Guillemoth (Bass), Andy C. (Drums) Charly (Guitar) and present Guitarist J.Oliver (Guitar), partake in various bands like Human Mincer, Apostles of Perversion, Godüs, Unsane Crisis, Nüll, Infernal (Col), Berenice Bleeding, Dark Moor, Saratoga (Esp), Hybrid (Esp) and Looking for an Answer.

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