There are three bands called Dysangelium.
1. Black metal band from Kiel, Germany formed in 2009. Lyric themes include the Occult and Satanism.
They released two demos on CD, Exordium self-released in 2013, and Leviaxxis in 2014, on World Terror Committee. Their debut album Thánatos Áskēsis is due out late December 2014 on World Terror Committee.
Sektarist 0 - Vocals
Götzenzertrümmerer - Guitars
T. - Rhythm Guitar (Ex-Asasel)
C.H. - Bass (Verderblichkeit)
A.N.L - Drums (Ex-Asasel)

2. Death metal band from Pardubice, Czech Republic formed in 2011. They released a full length CD in October 2012 called 'Maniachrist (self-released), and a followup full length CD in August 2014 'Holykaust on Gothoom Productions. They are currently unsigned and active.

Nekro - Vocals (Zordon)
Ctibor - Drums (Sabathory)
Dědek - Guitars
Oťák - Bass
Vihar - Guitars (Klan)

3. National socialist black metal project, from Kotka, Finland. Split-up. Lyric themes include war and white power. He released two demos in the mid 90s, Demo I in 1995, and Demo II in 1997.
Line-up: GFR - All instruments & Vocals (Ex-Pervogoat, Ex-Vornat)

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