Circle Of Execution

Metalcore band based in Monthey, Switzerland. Established in 2006 by 2 guitarists and a drummer (all 15 years old), the band just founds his final and complete lineup in early 2013, following the arrival of a new guitarist. The band creates a mix of kicking-ass rythms, melodic choruses and all of it intertwined with killer breakdowns. The whole medley produces a real powerful live result. The rageful combo’s favourite hobby remains to show what they got and to prove their motivation on stage. They already played some major shows with international metal bands : Bury Tomorrow (UK), Breakdown Of Sanity (CH), Do Or Die (B), Cataract (CH), Darkane (SW), Promethee (CH), L’Esprit du clan (F), Headcharger (F) and many others. In early 2013, the young guys decided to put their music on CD and started to record their first autoproduced EP along the year. They finally released « Escape The Time » in May 2014. It’s always motivated and with the biggest pleasure that Circle Of Execution is ready to share their music with lot of people in Switzerland and maybe all over the world.


Gründungsjahr: 2006