Ketzer spawned the earth, uprising from the darkest depths of ancient hell, two thousand and three years after the birth of the king of Jews. Locating their halls of preparation for doom and armageddon in western Germany, these five young masters with human appearance are ready to unleash the beast with their brilliantly maufactured music and to manipulate the masses with their spells of subliminal propaganda. Hailing to their ancient gods who took them to the Black Sabbath and tortured them with the Iron Maiden, they are willing to teach their followers what they once learned from them, and thus are also willing to eliminate the traitors that are speaking the false word and distorting the unholy metallic doctrine, for these traitors shall be their slaves eternally! After marching into battle with the hordes of Blizzard, Hellish Crossfire, Minotaur, Old, Portrait, The Devil's Blood, Witchburner, Zarathustra and Zemial, Ketzer now have united with the two Hellfukkers of Kneel Before The Master's Throne Records to form an immortal symbiosis of Heavy Metal majesty, in order to release the powers of the dark lord in form of their first heavy vinyl disk, baptized with the title Satan's Boundaries Unchained in this year's summer.

Current Line-Up:
Infernal Destroyer – Vocals
Executor – Guitar
Sinner – Guitar
Necroculto – Bass
Desecratör - Drums

Former Member(s):
Destructor – Drums (2004-2008)
L.W. – Drums (2003-2004)

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