Jack Slamer

The basis of Jack Slamer was laid in 2006 after the dissolving of the band Labrats when the drummer Adrian Böckli and the guitarist Cyrill Vollenweider were searching for musicians to create a new project. Hendrik Ruhwinkel on bass and Marco Hostettler on guitar joined the band and first instrumental songs were created. The musical style was located somewhere between rock, blues and funk. In spring 2007, the singer Florian Ganz came on board and just few months later the first live concert was played at the Eidberger Openair under the new name Jack Slamer.

Further gigs followed in Winterthur and surrounding area where the band made itself a name as local hero and built up a core fan-base. The first demo tape was recorded in 2009 and even bigger stages and larger regions could be played. The musical style turned more and more into the rock style of their idols like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Wolfmother but with its own individual character and recognition value. Also the optical appearence was fine-tuned and the band worked on its stage presence.

In November 2012 the first album Noise From the Neighbourhood was released. By this, the number of gigs was further increased and first shows in the adjacent foreign countries could be played. Highlights like the support show for Monstertruck and the headliner concert at the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen 2015 steadily brought new experiences and possibilities for the advancement of the band.

2016 the second Album named Jack Slamer was completed. It is more uncompromising than the fist album and more precise in style and content.

Jack Slamer stands for live music with great tempo, enormous energy and visible passion of the individual members of the band as well as of the whole group. Commercial success is consciously not planned. Instead, the joy in music and friendship is supposed to be the focus and the aim is solely to convey the unique spirit of the band to the audience.


Cyrill Vollenweider – guitar
Marco Hostettler – guitar
Florian Ganz – vocals
Hendrik Ruhwinkel – bass
Adrian Böckli – drums


Gründungsjahr: 2006
Status: Aktiv

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