Hanter Dro

The music of Hanter Dro is difficult to put in one of the popular genre. But with the elements of alternative rock, hardcore, noise probably fits the term post-hardcore best

Hanter Dro is a Post-Hardcore band from Lucerne, Switzerland. Their non-conformist style is raw and dark yet full of hope. As the music floats, sometimes quietly and almost weightlessly, emotional cries break through the perceived tranquillity. When the ruthless riffs and driving beats are let loose the noise becomes the basis for dynamic contrasts and causes a feeling of total intensity. The quartet's repertoire also includes sprawling instrumentals and long arcs of tension always with a pinch of the typical Hanter Dro melancholic rage.

In May 2017, the self-titled and self-produced debut album will be released. It includes ten songs that are taken from jam sessions and developed. They represent a journey through time and the last three years of the bands history. The album gives the impression of stylistic diversity without leaving the genre of post-hardcore.

Hanter Dro - the best choice for fans of delicate brutal music.