Powerhill are the union of a Swiss Musician (Cep) with two great passions: Cows and Heavy Metal! The Powerhill saga begins in the year 2000 in a small Swiss Town named Taverne from an idea of the guitar player Cep. In the year 2003, after months passed jamming with several musicians in the quest for members for his band,a keyboard player joined the Powerhill project. After this encounter, it was time to find a frontman. There were many auditions, some times with good singers, some times with bad singers, but always without success until 2004, when a guy took his place behind the microphone. In May of this same year, after a lot of work hours, the band finally recorded a 5 tracks demo cd. One year after the former Powerhill bass player and drummer decided to leave the band, and they were replaced by another guys. The band started to play live, bringing to the people the power of the Metalcow! In june 2006 the first singer left the band and had been replaced. With new singer the band recorded a new version of "New Dimension" that had been included on Heavy Metal Nation III compilation and started a new part of this adventure. In May 2007, three members decided to leave the band due to the lack of motivation in this project, different views of ideas and their poor commitment to it. One of them, however, he will never be considered a past member of the band. The founder, on the other hand, remaining alone and bewildered by what happened, decided to definitively set aside the project as well as live performances. So this mentioned Project was put in naphthalene for long long time, exactly for 10 Years. That mean in 2017 falls the year of 10 anniversary of stop. After long brooding, the last Bassist has proposed to resuscitate the project. This immediately aroused great interest from the founder and now after several audiction the new line up is completed. The following guys have been added to the caravan. Ema (Ex Kingrope) at the Voice, Matt (Raya-Souline) as a temporary drummer. Unfortunately, after some live performances in 2018 and with the multiplication of commitments, Ema decided to leave the band. In the meantime, Vero Torre on Drums and Dan Eeloh on keyboards were added. (Welcome on board Guys)... Currently two singles have been recorded under the supervision of Stefano Scenini (Stairway Studio) & that were sung by our friend Mark Blacks (Witche`s Brew). For some months instead Andy "The Hammer" has been added to the microphone and will soon have his own verve both on stage and in the studio. The rest… it`s a story to be written! Or better, soon on the Road again...


Doom - Bass Guitar
Ema - Voice
Matt - Drums
(?) - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Cep - Lead & Rhythmic Guitar


Gründungsjahr: 2000

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