Originally an international project based in both Netherlands and Norway. Became a Netherland-based band after drummer T. Kolsvart left the band in 2017.

Asagraum is a 2 woman project. Firstly is Obscura, who is currently in Wolvenbloed and Drauger, and was previously in Infestis. She is the vocalist, guitarist and bassist for Asagraum, playing lead guitar and vocals live. Obscura's real name is Hanna van den Berg. The drummer, known as A, real name Amber de Buijzer, was also previously in another band, Sisters of suffocation, she is the replacement for the previous Asagraum drummer T. Kolsvart.

The band has 4 additional live members, Mortifero - Bass (2015-present), Makhashanah - Bass (2017-present), V-Kaos - Guitars (2017-present) and Lady Kaos - Keyboards (2017-present).

The word Asagraum is a mix of Asag, a demon from Sumerian mythology, and Raum which translates as room, space, this refers to a site of ritual, which suits with the Satanic themes the band portrays.

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