There is more than one band with this name:

1) A metal band from Cleveland, OH that formed in 2003. Originally started as a one man band of Jamie Walters(uses the moniker Athenar), though since then Bob Zeiger(uses the moniker Count Zigar) has joined on drums. As of 2012, Shaun Venek has became the guitarist for live shows but not an official member. Their sound is a combination of speed metal, punk and black metal and can be described as a mixture of Motörhead, Venom, early Discharge and early Bathory. Many label the band as black n roll.

2) Midnight (Born John Patrick Jr. McDonald April 29, 1962 - July 8, 2009) was an American musician mostly known for being the vocalist of Crimson Glory. Midnight joined Crimson Glory in the early 1980’s, in 1986 their debut album was issued by Roadrunner Records. It took the newcomers only a couple of years to surpass their debut with an astounding sophomore effort, 1988’s Transcendence, a joint release on MCA/Roadrunner. In 1991 they signed to Atlantic Records and released Strange & Beautiful, an album which showed a commercial switch in the band’s sound. Not long after the latest release, Midnight left the band, leading to Crimson Glory’s eventual demise. The other members dispersed and became involved with various other acts. All the while, Midnight remained out of sight. Midnight, however, reappeared a few years later with a low-budget EP, which explored a more acoustic direction (only 500 copies were made). Once again, Midnight vanished and in late 2004 it was announced that he had joined forces with Black Lotus Records to release his full-length debut solo album - Sakada.

After the release of “Sakada” Midnight joined forces with a group of musicians including Matt LaPorte (RIP) who also played the ex-Savatage frontman´s band Jon Oliva’s Pain, and recorded, in addition to the “All Souls Midnight” disc, material for a covers disc and a 3-cd box of original songs, which remains unreleased.

On July 8, 2009, Midnight died of stomach aneurysm at the age of 47.

3) An r&b singer from Rochester, New York.

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