Patent Ochsner

Patent Ochsner has been one of the most influential proponents of the swiss mundart rock scene for the last decades. The band is best known for their poetic lyrics and their musical style which combines rock arrangements with world music influences. Along with other bands from the countries capital city of Bern - like Züri West, Rumpelstilz, Span or Stiller Has - they belonged to the first generation of artists that reached a wider (yet only national) audience with rock music in a swiss dialect.

Patent Ochsner was founded in 1990. The name of the band is derived from a certain type of trashcan which is named after the J.Ochsner AG and can be found in housholds all over Switzerland. In 1991 their first album Schlachtplatte was released with the hits Bälpmoos and Scharlachrot. They had a great success and became a well-known band in Switzerland. After Böbu Ehrenzeller left in 1998 as well as Resli Burri and Tinu Frutiger in 2001 Büne Huber released his solo-album called Honigmelonemond. In January 2003 their album Trybguet with the new formed band was released.

The current band lineup:
Büne Huber (Vocals)
Monic Mathys (Base)
Andi Hug (Drums)
Christian Brantschen (Keyboard, Acordeon)
Menk Grossniklaus (Saxophon)
Disu Gmünder (Guitar)
Pascal Steiner (Tasten und Blaswerkzeug)
Daniel Woodtli (Trumpet)

Style of Music
Their music is very various. Already in their first records they used aside of the usual instruments (guitar, base, drums, vocals) mandolines, celli, violines, saxophones etc. On the first 3 albums (Schlachtplatte, Fischer, Gmües) there can be heard a lot of Swiss folk music impacts. On their fourth album Stella Nera they sang 2 songs in italian. On Trybguet there can be noticed a lot of spanish impacts in the music and the lyrics. However, there's missing the variety of instruments like on their older records. The latest albums were Liebi, Tod & Tüüfu (2005) and The Rimini Flashdown (2008).

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Büne Huber - Gesang
Monic Mathys - E-Bass
Andi Hug - Schlagzeug
Christian Brantschen - Keyboard, Akkordeon
Menk Grossniklaus - Saxophon
Disu Gmünder - Gitarre
Daniel Woodtli - Blasinstrumente
Katrin Bögli - Cello
Daniela Bertschinger - Violine, Viola, Posaune


Gründungsjahr: 1990
Status: Aktiv

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