Fear Lab

FEAR LAB was founded in 2015 by three musicians from Winterthur. At Arched Studio & Media, the first demo tracks were recorded by Ero Küng and published on their own new homepage in 2018. The logo for the band was created by Natalie Küng, the photos for the homepage were taken by Veronika Jöhl in an abandoned slaughterhouse. Thanks to their presence on social media, the band was soon able to do their first gig at the Ebrietas in Zurich together with NO REWARD and INVOKER. This success and the support of the growing fan base motivated the trio to keep going. After adding screams to the vocals, the band's first single KILL THE HYDRA was recorded and released on various platforms in spring 2021. Before the end of the year, the band's second single, Agent Orange Demons, was released. Michael “Schlumi” Schumann - Guitar, Vocals Sascha Epprecht - Bass, Vocals, Screams Roman Unger - Drums