«A wild hate-machine, more at mid tempo, bangs out of the pits. With a good punch, the guys are going for it. The deep growls in combination with the nasty nagging harmonize perfectly.» (
The young group around the composer Brandon Wildhaber plays a melange of technical and melodic Deathmetal. This creates a brute sound that captivates the listener from the very first second and destroys everything in its path. The catchy, two-part passages finally round off the overall concept of the band.
«Fine ideas, fresh fragments and striking arguments make the mixture a rebelling storm from Switzerland.» (www.metalunderground. at)
The band, founded in 2014, was already able to record its first successes. In December 2017 the band supported the death metal giants Six Feet Under. The five guys from Switzerland will continue to stir up the metal scene with their uncompromising music.


Adrian Gisler (Vocals)
Brandon Wildhaber (Guitars)
Renato Herzog (Guitars)
Fadri (Drums)
Rinar (Bass)
Curdin Fleischhauer (Soundtech)


Status: Aktiv

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