There are at least two bands using this name

1) Power/Thrash/Speed Metal from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The idea of this band started long ago ... since three guys from jandira decided that they'd make some noise. Influenced by American Thash metal bands, German Metal, NWOBHM, Hardcore and lots of other stuff, the band started building it's own style. In May 2001, Leo Axekiller (bass /vocals), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar /vocals) and Bruno Barbosa (drums), create in the spine of Jandira Jackhammer, previously known as Wild hunter. By that time Ivan was part of the band as a bass guitar player. Ivan went onstage with Jackhammer three times before leaving to dedicate himself to Crusher Force, which was formed by him. After Ivan's departure Jackhammer went on as a trio playing at some gigs around São Paulo's metropolitan area until stopping its activities in July 2003 after performing at Crimsom Bar, Pirituba / SP Meanwhile Jackhammer stopped its activities Axekiller Leo tried to keep the band's work, getting to play with with Felipe Nizuma (Blasthrash), Cristiano Crispin (Darkness in flame), Victor Hugo (ex Darkness in flame) Roberto (ex Crusher force, Beermug) and Ivan Carlos (Crusher force), but, as expected, the same magic would not happen. In 2004 Bruno and Marcelo wanted to come back to the band and after some conversation and some rearrangements the band started to work again in Deceber. In an one-year period they composed songs which made their sound unique. Then, in December 2005, Adriana Lobardi joins Jackhammer to fill up the space left by Ivan and does a great job, not only playing the base, like the Previus player did, but also elaboratint riffs and melodies that completed Jackhammers sonority. Adriana Jackhammer played with two gigs in and contributed for the recording of their demo "Speed metal Chrusher," which was released in December 2006 at Molotov Thrash Fest, that took place at Arena Metal Bar in Osasco / Sao Paulo. After Adriana left the band played the Jackhammer a trio for some time, but still looking for a guitar player until they found Jailton (ex Vohalls, Nebulizer, Jackhammer) who had already played with Marcelo at Vohalls. However, Jailton joined the band for one month only, because he showed himself not to match the band's musically and expectations in relation to his posture, which depreciated Heavy Metal and metalheads. In 2009 the seal New Zealand Very Metal Productions comes in contact with the band for it to participate in the compilation Fueled By Metal. In May of that year, is released by dark sun, the debut Hard to be alive. Soon after the release of the debut, Marcelo and Bruno left the band now consists of: Leo (b / v), Marco Moro (g), Ale Gatti (g) and Charles Erlan (d). The current lineup is pretty solid and with an extremely high personal and musical rapport. The Jackhammer is preparing new songs that Faramir part of the new album that will probably be released in mid-2011.

2) Jackhammer is a French stone-metal band from Rennes formed in 2013.

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