Mord’A’Stigmata was formed in autumn 2004 in Bochnia, Poland by Static, Sickil, Doom L. Voxmord Stigmator V’nderer, and Sadist, each of them connected to the local black metal scene. Since the very beginning, the aim of a group was to make music different than the sounds of other extreme metal bands. This resulted in incorporating influences of electronic music and synthesis of various other genres. In 2008 the band releases their debut album “Überrealistic”, and in the same year the first line-up has almost broken up. New members gave the band new possibilities and brand new music tastes, which culminated with “Antimatter”, an album recorded by Static, Silencer, Ion, DQ ensemble and released in 2011. This particular line-up persists in almost the same form until today, and it still explores disturbing, hypnotic music. In 2013 Mord’A’Stigmata signs with Pagan Records to release third full-length album “Ansia”.

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Thursday 5. November 2020 - Mgła, Mord'a'stigmata, Martwa Aura, The Dead Creed Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon

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