Back in late 2003, Stephane Geiser (ndr guitar player of November-7) sets his creativity free and creates the band November-7. A big fan of Kiss and inspired by artists like Lacuna Coil, Evanescence and Kingdom Come, Stephane's compositions are fascinating mix of hard sounds and emotional turns. Annamaria Cozza will at the same time join Stephane's project and bring all her sensitivity and charisma to the lyrics and the vocals. A couple of months later Gil Reber is captivated by the luring sounds coming out of Stephane's home studio and asks him if the band needs a drum player. The answer is yes and the adventure of November-7 is ready to take off. The first CD 'Mesmerized' released in March 2006 is the result of a meticulous sound research and will soon be followed by a second one.

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Annamaria Cozza: Vocal
Stéphane Geiser: Guitar, Prog, Production
Yann Siegenthaler: Drums
Matt Walters: Guitar
Emmi Lichtenbahn: Bass
Stephane Berginz: Samples


Gründungsjahr: 2005
Status: Aktiv

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