We are Omissis, an emerging and motivated band from Bern with a passion for high energy music injected with earworm-worthy hooks. Originally formed as a duo in late-2019, guitarist Manuel Binggeli and drummer Cyrill Armbruster immediately began composing new material, and upon finding vocalist Harry Ballantyne in early-2020 it was clear that their mix of music tastes were leading to a unique sound worth pursuing. After a few short-lived members, guitarist Kenan Tabinas joined by late-2020, but was clearly here to stay. Finally, bassist Nik Imhof joined in mid-2021, making a full band to be reckoned with. Refusing to stick to one style, our music contains strong influences from Metalcore, Nu Metal and Punk. Come and watch our set for an experience you won’t forget, along with a very sore neck.