XONOR was founded in 2020 by frontman Donagh Ramseyer and former guitarist Luc Burtscher, former drummer Tobias Glarner and bass player Luca Ramsauer. Swiss thrash metal outfit XONOR emerged against the background of the pandemic after its founding members met through an internet message board. While none of them had ever been in a band before, they quickly united around the opportunity they saw to establish themselves as pioneers of a new breed of Swiss metal, in full opposition to the doom and gloom of one of the darkest eras ever for musicians worldwide. Starting with a series of underground gigs, the fearsome foursome rapidly gained momentum — and the rest was history.

Building on influences from Lamb of God and Kreator to the greater punk rock canon, XONOR’s unconventional approach rejects the status quo of generic, chromatic riff salads in favour of more engaging song structures and hooks, as well as provocative lyrics challenging evil and injustice. This unique sonic identity has won them the hearts of a diverse, growing global fanbase, known as the Goon Squad and identified by their signature black balaclavas.

From playing at Kyiv’s Destroyer Fest during the peak of Russia’s invasion as one of the first metal bands to play there since the start of the war, to becoming one of TikTok’s largest thrash bands, supporting legends like Messiah and Nervosa, and collaborating with international icons like Paleface Swiss, XONOR show no signs of slowing down.

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