Samstag, 06. April 2024 @ Sudhaus, Basel

Well over a decade ago, torn between empyrean and abyssal vigor SCHAMMASCH were formed. After their rather raw 2010 debut “Sic Lvceat Lvx” they quickly and extensively started to nurture their characteristic take on creating dark and extreme music, following a deep urge for progress and experimentation, which resulted in their second album “Contradiction” - an elaborate concept double album leaving behind many of the genre’s well-known boundaries. Since their inception, they have released a total of 5 albums, all of them complex efforts, all of them unique in their own way. Celebrating fifteen years of their existence and the tenth Anniversary of “Contradiction” SCHAMMASCH invite you to take part in this exclusive one-time chance to enjoy material of said album that will not be performed live anymore in the foreseeable future.
None less than Zürich’s black/death metal powerhouse BØLZER will accompany them on this evening, unleashing their trademark primal, fierce wall of sound onto the audience on their first show on Swiss soil in two years.
As special guests, German-based HORRESQUE will open the night with their blackened old school death metal hymns, preparing you for the things yet to unfold.