The Kate Effect

Often mistaken for a British fashion phenomenon, The Kate Effect is in fact a band. Hailing from Switzerland, the trio plays a combination of Melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal with the occasional sprinkle of Hardcore. Founded in 2011, the band adopted a name inspired by both Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge and a fair bit of nonsense and went on to play several local shows. With the departure of drummer and founding member Pascal Maurer, the band is currently focused on writing, recording, re-writing and sort-of-releasing their first few demo songs. As of 2013, The Kate Effect consists of Lukas Villiger (vocals), Martin „März" Kubli (guitars), and Marco „Rada" Radamonti (guitars)

Angekündigte Events

Saturday 4. May 2019 - Album Release: Hyperium, Mortal Factor, The Kate Effect District 28, Siebnen


Vocals : Lukas Villiger
Guitars : Martin Kubli
Guitars : Marco Radamonti


Gründungsjahr: 2012
Status: Aktiv

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