There are six artists sharing the name Killjoy.

1. Killjoy is a breakcore producer from Sydney, Australia.
Producing and releasing under the name Killjoy (sometimes written kill//joy) since 2002, he has toured in many different countries and released material on major breakcore labels such as Kamikaze Club (Fr), Murder Channel (Jpn) and BRK (Fr).

2. Killjoy are a heavy-metal band hailing from Ruda Śląska, Poland, consisting of Wojtek Bujoczek (vocals), Marek Ludwicki (lead guitar), Adam Rogowicz (rhythm guitar), Wojtek Gajda (bass) and Marcin Bruner (drums). Founded in 1993 under the name Mystic Side as a thrash-metal band, it was renamed to Killjoy in 1998. At first the band was intended to play a lighter kind of music, but soon they turned back to a heavier sound.
The band recorded a couple of demos, including ...a drug called reality and Back To The Past. The year 2005 saw the signing of a contract with Shark Records and the release of their debut album - Enemigo.

3. Another artist is a single person who plays in such bands as Necrophagia and viking crown.

4. The fourth one was an old Hardcore/Punk band from California which was featured on the "Not so quiet on the Western Front" Sampler LP.

5. There's also a breakcore Killjoy, that has been clearing the dancefloors of warehouses and clubs around the globe with his massive battery of culture-fingering beats since last century....
Killjoy incinerates the undead malibu-barbie known as 'pop-culture' with his massively imposing sonic flamethrower, revealing the rabid rave-cyborg hidden within-

6. KILLJOY is an original Metal band from New York. Recently signed to Terror Bomb Records.
KILLJOY. Powerful. Explosive. Aggressive. Original metal from New York for fans of Mastodon, High on Fire, Gojira, etc. At times straight-ahead and crushing, at others complex and nuanced. Killjoy's is a sound that can appeal to the traditional metal fan and still be undeniably modern.

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