There are at least five acts named Age:

1) Age was a German emo/hardcore band active for a few years in the first half of the 90's. They released a 2x7'' in 1992 and a 12'' in 1994. After Age broke up, guitarist Miguel together with drummer Rainer went on to form Rusty James and then joined vocalist Hauke in the band Assay.

2) AGE are an indie-electronic duo from London. In 2017 they released their debut EP Peaks. The duo have worked with producers Russ Fawcus (Wild Beasts, Noah and the Whale) and Mandy Parnell (Jamie XX, The Knife). Band members Gavin Dwight and Jenny Cosgrave were previously associated with Good Dangers and Assembly Now.

3) Age is one of the new projects from AcQuA EP (formerly known as AcQuA-E.P.).

There are two versions of the band: Age, which is a more or less visual one and AGE-OF-EP which music is similar to AcQuA EP.

The band consists of 7 members:

Peace (Vo)
jiji姫 [Jijihime] (Gt)
Ponice (Vo)

4) A polish band.

5) A metallic crust band from Japan with heavy riffs, fast rhythms, influences from the classic bands of 80’s and angry vocals. They have released 2 CD’s and several EP’s, they have also covered I.C.B.M and Fallen from Grace for the first japanese tribute to Amebix. See A.G.E.

6) A San Jose based producer/DJ/bassist also known as Snufone, making sample based hiphop. He has worked with a variety of people including Awkward, Stepchild, Lynn Ness, and Dextah. His affiliations include being a member of the infamous Bristol (UK) strong arms, The Vertebrae Crew.

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