There are four bands named Groza.

1). Groza is a Turkish Melodic Black Metal band - consisting of only one member; Bahadir Uludaglar. Groza is also a solo project of Bahadir Uludaglar and is also guitarist and vocalist of the well-known Turkish Black Metal band called Moribund Oblivion.

2.) Groza is a Russian Folk Metal band which plays an atmospheric, instrumental type of Folk metal inspired by Slavonic ethnic music. In 2012, two EPs were released "Летняя Ночь" (lat. Summer Night) and "Заснеженной Тропой" (lat. Snow Trail).

3). Groza is a Polish hardcore band based in New Jersey.
Having been around for quite some time, their 2003 album "Pushed Too Far" was their latest release. They have a pretty straightforward hardcore style in the vein of Madball and similar bands.

4). Groza is Black Metal band based in Bavaria, Germany.
“Unified In Void” is their 2018 debut realease.

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