Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer is a popular grindcore band based in Virginia, USA first formed in 1997. Pig Destroyer have pushed the boundaries of the grind genre and gained a large following. Their unique sound is notable for its absence of bass guitar on their studio albums.

The band was formed in 1997 by vocalist J.R. Hayes (former vocalist Enemy Soil) in 1997, guitarist Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, and more), and drummer John Evans. John Evans was replaced by Brian Harvey in 1998. Blake Harrison joined the band in late 2006 adding noise and samples to the mix and Brian Harvey was replaced by Adam Jarvis in 2011. His cousin John Jarvis joined in late 2013 as the band's bassist.

The band, in their earlier more ‘politically-charged’ days, had originally wanted to name themselves in protest of law and authority. Believing that “Cop Killer” and “Cop Destroyer” were too obvious in meaning, they eventually settled on “Pig Destroyer” (“pig” being a slang term for the police). Derived from a non-musical source as extreme as the band’s sound, Pig Destroyer’s easily-identifiable logo took form when the emblem from the infamous Answer Me! magazine was disassembled and rearranged.

Relapse signed the band and issued a Pig Destroyer / Isis 7” (PxDx covered the Carcass classics Genital Grinder and Regurgitation Of Giblets) on the label’s Singles Series in July 2000. 38 Counts of Battery was released in 2000. This album was a complete discography up until this point which included the remastered tracks of Explosions in Ward 6, the demo, the tracks from the Isis split, and more. Their third full-length release, Terrifyer, contains a 30 minute DVD track entitled Natasha.

The band released “Phantom Limb” in June 2007. The album was released to abundant critical praise.


Demo (1997)
Split with Orchid (1997)
Explosions In Ward 6 (1998)
Split with Gnob (1999)
Split with Isis (2000)
38 Counts of Battery (2000)
Prowler In The Yard LP (2001)
Split with Benümb (2002)
Terrifyer LP (2004)
Painter of Dead Girls (2004)
Phantom Limb LP (2007)
Split with Coldworker and Antigama (2007)
Natasha EP (2008)
Book Burner LP (2012)
Head Cage LP (2018)

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