Hellvetica was formed in 2004 by five friends with the idea to create a project in which all their musical interests could be brought under one hat. Since then they play a mix between Thrash/ Death metal with some Hardcore elements. Headbanger riffs meet fast moshparts which get combined with some melodic parts. They released their first demo in november 2008. 4 stage prooven songs were recorded and mixed by Attila Varga ( Ex Dark Day Dungeon) from “Traintown studios” The mastering got done by a friend of his from Germany. We are all really happy with the work he did.

Take a listen to our demo and/ or visit our website http://www.hellvetica.ch/.
Meanwhile, the band is known for their energetic and intoxicating live-performance. Hellvetica supported bands like Six Feet Under (US), Eluveitie (CH), Textures (NL), Samael (CH), Cataract (CH), GURD (CH), played the “Back To Rock Festival 2007” alongside of Sodom (Ger), Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Ger), Mystic Prophecy (Ger), Mabon (CH), Shorts And Churchbells (CH) and shared the stage with a lot of swiss bands.